Our history

ZK Enterprise Pty Ltd was established in 2014 to meet the demand of the dynamic education industry.
It was incorporated by people passionate about the development and enhancement of education standards globally.
It is a publicly traded, direct marketing education company based in Ormonde, Johannesburg.
It offers wide array of products and services across education spectrum, all diverted at the focal point of providing edge to your organization.
Products offering are split between general school supplies and specialty products.
Products offered include art supplies, classroom supplies, school furniture, instructional materials, educational games and software, audiovisual equipment, physical educational equipment, and indoors and out-door equipment. ZK Enterprise sells to schools as well as individuals through a catalog.
ZK Enterprise specializes in providing child craft products that assists in early child hood development

With a full selection of early childhood educational products, including furniture, craft and games.
We help you create a complete and effective learning environment since we offer a complete assortment of high-quality, safe and developmentally appropriate products that support early learning standards and educational outcomes for children from birth upwards.